Our Board Members

Director – Deab Dina

Deab Dina is a senior member and respected member of the Samaki village community. He was the original founder of Phumyoeung School before it became the organization as we know it today. He is also a senior officer in the Cambodian police force.

Deputy Director – Kit Teguh

Kit Teguh was one of the first volunteers who came to Phumyoeung School. He has previously worked in Australia, China and Cambodia in various industries. He was the General Manager for Maxx Cambodia while he juggled the responsibility of being an active board member for PCDO. He is responsible for the direction of the curriculum and strategic direction of the organization.

Sophea Vong – Board Member

Sophea Vong was an evening student of Phumyoeung School. She often achieves the top academic position in her high school. She graduated last year with distinction. At the moment, she is looking forward to start her university education in business management. She remains an integral part of PCDO operations.

Nelson Vowels – Board Member

Nelson Vowels came as a volunteer in 2015. He has since taken on the role as a board member of PCDO. His experience working with not-for-profits is invaluable to PCDO. He is currently based in Kansas City working as a Project Manager in an American NGO.