Since its establishment the beginning of 2013, Phumyoeung school has welcomed more than 150 students from around the Sammkey community, catering for children between four to fifteen years old. The children learn Khmer, English, mathematics, computing and arts, while also being involved in physical exercises and activities.

The school provides an alternative from the public school curriculum in order to better prepare the students with practical skills for their future.We believe that we deliver a strong curriculum which reinforces English macroskills (listening, reading, speaking and writing). 

In its short period, the school has welcomed many volunteers from different parts of the world, including Canada, the United States, Australia, Vietnam, China and Ireland. The volunteers are responsible for the teaching of English but also in assisting with the organisation’s development. We hope that by a strong curriculum, the school will provide a sound foundation for its students to find employment and pursue further studies.

Our ideal is to ultimately see our students to employment.