Our Programs

Literacy and English Language Education

Our main focus is English language education for local children and villagers as English is an important tool for career growth in Cambodia and provides Cambodians an advantage entering the labour market. English knowledge has evolved from becoming an advantage to becoming the standard for the Cambodian workforce and academia. As the Cambodian economy integrates with ASEAN, English competency is highly valued, being the only official language of ASEAN.


Introduction to Sustainability

As we teach English for students to better equip them in the long term, we are also striving to teach them to be responsible citizens by increasing awareness of sustainability, especially contemporary issues in Cambodia. We are currently integrating UNESCO’s Teaching and Learning for a Sustainable Future program into our English teaching as a pilot project.

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Senior Support

Our students and community members identify senior citizens as the most vulnerable members of the society given their physical conditions and lack of family support. In the near future, we will be working closely with senior citizens and local volunteers to run programs to support their livelihood.