Our Staff Members

PCDO staff members are dedicated, courageous and unselfish individuals who want to see the success of the students and the community. They are an essential part of the growth of our organization from a simple NGO school to a standard school with a solid, deliverable curricula. There is a special relationship between staff members, students and the community that previous volunteers have observed. PCDO Staff Members after all, are family.

PEL Sokkorn – Executive Director (Operations Manager)


Pel Sokkorn has been in PCDO since its first inception in 2013. As other PCDO Staff Members, he came from a humble background from Kampong Thom Province. His enormous range of skills and leadership provides the foundation of the school. He is responsible for the administration, maintenance, finances and general operations. Regardless of the responsibility on his shoulders, he is managing to study Interior Design in SETEC Institute and surpassing his peers.

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THON Somaly – Kindergarten / Basics


Somaly has been a long-time teacher and full time mother. Her children also attend PCDO School in various levels. She maintains the discipline in the kindergarten class and their introduction to the English language.

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CHHOEUN Thavy – Level 1


Thavy began her experience with PCDO as an evening class student when she graduated high school. She has then dedicated her work to the education of the younger students of PCDO. Thavy has recently married.

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SIDEN Try – Level 1.5


As the eldest of three children, Try has the responsibility of supporting his younger siblings and other members of his family. He is also currently studying Computer Science in NPIC. Like many of our staff members, he faces the challenge to maintain the balance between his work-study-family. Although Try is young and soft-spoken, he is mature beyond his years as he has a wealth of life experiences under his belt. He passes on this maturity and wisdom to his students in Level 1.5.

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SORN Pheara – Level 2


Pheara has been with PCDO since our inaugural year in our first building. He leads the Level 2 Class teaching Elementary Level. Pheara’s dedication to the school is admirable as he constantly challenges himself and his students to become better people. Although young, he is well-rounded, principled and resolute. He is currently studying Information Technology in Phnom Penh.

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VONG Sophea – Level 3 / Board Member


As well as being a board member, Sophea shoulders the responsibility of the most senior class in PCDO School. The last few years have seen remarkable improvements of her English and academic progress. She also shoulders the responsibility of being one of the breadwinners in her family, as her father’s ability to work is limited due to injury, while having a mother at home and two younger sisters at school. She will begin her university education towards the end of the year in Business Management.

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SOK Sy – Art

Sok Sy is a well-known local artist in the village community and is often commissioned to paint the pagodas and other buildings around the area. His artwork is well-known for its details of rural life in Cambodia. Sok Sy is a father of three young children and lives a very simple life in his abode.

To sponsor Sok Sy, please contact us at support.us@pcdocambodia.org