Sponsorship and Donation

Be a Regular Sponsor

We are faced with the challenge of rising overhead costs and as we move our property, with the costs of maintenance and repairs. We require sponsors for various facets of our operations, including teacher’s salary, rent and other expenditures.


We encourage our supporters to make donations which will greatly help our expenses. Sponsors and donations alike can be sent through our ANZ Royal bank account.

If you want to send it directly to the PCDO bank account, the details are below. Mind you, we do lose a fair bit on transaction fees. But some people prefer this way the best.

Direct Transfer (PCDO Account)


Western Union or Moneygram

If you’d like to send the money through other services such as Western Union or Moneygram, please email us for the details at kit.teguh@pcdocambodia.org. The fees may be lower for these services.