Volunteer with us

PCDO welcomes any interest to volunteer at our school. Thus far, we had a strong history of terrific volunteers who had contributed to the growth of the school and made strong connections with the children and the community. It is easy to be attached with the children and the daily life of the village. We are confident that future volunteers will feel such strong attachment to the community. For testimonials of past volunteers, please click here.

We may be able to assist with accommodation depending on the volunteer’s numbers and requirements.  Volunteers have the option of staying and living in the village or staying in Phnom Penh. We provide accommodation and food for those who are willing to stay in the village. The food is home-cooked. Cambodian food with materials bought from the market and volunteers may stay in the school or in a homestay. However, volunteers must also take note that the conditions in the village may be basic and hence, flexibility is a must.

Volunteer away

At this stage, on-site volunteering focuses on our English education programs, but we encourage volunteers from all industries to enquire on how their skills may be used to improve the organization. Those who are in the legal, accounting and education industry are encouraged to apply. Currently, we are developing our website and encourage web site developers and graphic designers to contact us.