Where Your Contribution Goes

As it was from the beginning, PCDO’s foundation is based on its people and location. Thus, our main priority has always been on the salary of our staff members and the rent, which combined together makes up 82% of our expenses.

Our staff members are the most essential and integral part of PCDO. They carry the values and principles embedded in our organization and passing it on to the students. Please click here to learn more of their stories.

Our other expenses include utilities, maintenance, food, stationery and petty cash. The breakdown of our project is outlined below.

PCDO Cost By Item

Comparison - Wage and Rent vs Other Exp

All other administration costs including website maintenance, marketing activities, expenses of board members are all covered by board members and founders. 100% of financial contribution from our supporters go directly to the project.

Please contact us at support.us@pcdocambodia.org to help us cover our expenses.